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Makita CT200RW Review – Get Familiar With The Properties Of The Cordless Tools

Makita CT200RW 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit

Makita makes great tools. Many of their products are well rated. If you are looking for cordless solutions for drilling, driving and fastening applications, then the Makita CT200RW is the one for you. Let us throw light on some of the prominent features of the driver/drill combo.

The 2-piece combo kit consists of a pair of tools, Makita XFD01 cordless drill and Makita XDT04 impact driver. The drill offers 2-speed gear selection. A speed change lever lets you select low (0-400 RPM) or high speed (0-1500 RPM). The drilling tool comes standard with a reversing switch lever to change the direction of rotation. In the neutral position, the switch trigger is locked and cannot be pulled.

Generally people have been pleased with the amount of power this tool has. The 4-pole motor is claimed to deliver 480 in.lbs. of max torque. The maximum drilling capacity in steel is 13 mm (1/2″) and 38 mm (1-1/2″) in wood. The Makita XFD01 is not only meant for those looking for a cord-free drill for ocassional projects around the house. Customer feedback indicates that it is a solid tool for pros.

The impact driver, Makita XDT04, offers a variable speed transmission of up to 2300 RPM and delivers up to 3200 IPM for a wide variety of fastening applications. The motor delivers 1420 in.lbs. of max torque. The impact driver will come in handy when building a deck.

Both the drill driver and the impact driver are rated at 18 V. Two 2.0 Ah batteries (BL1820) plus a charger (DC18RC) are included in the kit. The battery is interchangeable with Makita 18V LXT tools. The charger plugs into a standard 120V outlet. With fast charging capability, some people have reported that it only takes 15-25 minutes to charge the battery.

There is a LED light on both the drill and driver that will come in handy when working in low-light environments. It goes on when the tool starts and will stay on for a few seconds after you release the trigger. If you also have a need for a rechargeable flashlight, consider to get the Makita CT300RW. The description says that the 4-position flashlight included in the 3-piece combo kit can run up to 3 hours per charge.

The XFD01 cordless drill is 192 mm (7-9/16″) in length. The compact design makes it easy to get into tight areas. The XDT04 cordless impact driver weighs merely 1.3 kg (2.8 lbs), light enough for average homeowner to handle. The tool bag might not be the highest quality, but is still a useful addition to keep things together and organized.

The Makita CT200RW 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit has been reviewed by many customers on Amazon. Overall, most owners are thrilled with the abilities of the tools. The drill seems to work as advertised. The impact driver can really drive screws. A number of reviewers have reported that they use their units on a daily basis.

Battery prices are relatively high. The Makita BL1820 18V Compact 2.0AH Battery, for instance, costs around $50. That said, do not forget that the kit includes two batteries. People have been impressed with battery run-time. According to Makita, the BL1820 model offers up to 50% more run time than the BL1815.

The customer feedback for the battery charge time has also been very positive. The battery charges quickly, up to 40% faster than other 18V compact 2.0 Ah batteries thus minimizing downtime. The DC18RC 18V fast battery charger has a built-in fan to optimize battery life.

No product can fit everyone’s need. If all you need is a compact drill for quick jobs around the house, then the Makita FD02W 3/8-Inch Driver-Drill can be a great solution. Makita also sells a bundle that comes with a full line of insert bits, bit holders, nutsetters, and socket adapters.

No matter which one you choose, it cannot be argued that Makita consistently makes high quality tools and it seems this product achieves its purpose. If you have a need for compact, reliable battery-operated drill and impact driver, then based on the customer feedback, you should strongly consider to add this combo pack to your collection.

Makita XT218M Review – Some Good Reasons to Buy the Cordless Combo Kit

Makita XT218M Cordless Combo Kit

As of this writing, the Makita XT218M is the best selling product on Amazon in Power Impact Drivers category. The combo kit includes two specialized drilling tools to help you tackle various drilling, driving and fastening applications. Both are cordless, meaning you are freed from annoying extension cords. This Makita XT218M review should give you enough answers to decide whether buying the cordless combo kit is the right move for you.

Basically, a hammer drill is used for drilling into tough materials. For most home improvement tasks, the extra force that a rotary hammer gives is unnecessary. This Makita combo kit comes with the XPH03Z hammer driver drill. The shift-lock drive system that this battery powered tool provides allows you to easily switch it from drilling to driving mode. With a twist of the front collar the selection is made. Forward and reverse function is a push-button matter.

Equipped with a 4-pole motor, the 18V LXT 1/2″ hammer drill claims to deliver 750 inch pound of max torque. It is much higher than the older model LXPH01Z that only offers 400 lbs of torque. There is definitely a noticeable difference in power. To cover a wide range of drilling applications, it offers mechanical 2-speed transmission; 0-400 and 0-2000 RPM. Designed for hammer drilling, it has 0-6000 BPM in low speed and 0-30000 BPM in high speed.

The Makita LXPH03Z alone costs around $70. Many people have been very pleased with the feel and performance of this drill. Customer feedback suggests that it is comfortable and well-balanced. If you need a compact hammer drill that offers tons of muscle, this 1/2″ hammer and driver drill is worth considering. With 3 drill settings, 2 speed transmission and 21 clutch settings, many reviewers have commented that it is a great tool for the price.

As mentioned above, this cordless combo kit also comes with an impact driver. The 18V cordless LXT Lithium-Ion impact driver that the kit includes delivers 1420 in.lbs. of max torque. To help you tackle a wide range of fastening applications, it is equipped dual-speed transmission that provides 0-2300 RPM and 0-3200 RPM. For quick bit changes, it offers a one-touch 1/4 in. hex chuck feature.

Both the hammer drill-driver and the impact driver come with XPT (Extreme Protection Technology) feature for increased water and dust resistance. This is a feature for you who often go to work in harsh conditions. There is a protective seal inside the tools to protect their key internal components from dust and water.

Lithium is a light metal that has been known good for storing energy. To power the tools, the Makita XT218M kit comes with two BL1840 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries. The manufacturer claims that the battery provides longer run time than the BL1830 battery, up to 35%. It also resists self-discharge which means it will ready for use even after long periods of storage. Purchased separetely, the two 18V LXT 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion batteries will cost you around $190.

To complete the kit, arapid charger is also included that allows for increased productivity. Unlike conventional batteries, it does not require hours for the battery to fully charge. You can expect it to be fully recharged in just 40 minutes. Your battery will spend less time sitting on the charger. The smart charging system is equipped with a built-in fan to cool the battery. To optimize battery life, it also actively controls current, voltage and temperature throughout the charging process.

Considering all the features that the Makita XT218M offers, it is a handy combo kit to have around. If the type of jobs that you will encounter in the future involves driving a fastener through dense materials and drilling into brick and cement, this combo kit can be a great addition to your tool collection. It is cheaper than buying each item individually.

Makita LCT200W Review – About The 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit

Makita LCT200W

The Makita LCT200W is an attractive cordless combo kit that features a variable-speed impact driver and two-speed 1/2-inch driver-drill. Included in the kit are two 18-volt compact lithium-ion batteries, a charger and a contractor bag.

Featuring two speeds that can be used for various drilling and driving applications, the drill can deliver a maximum of 480 pounds of maximum torque. The two-speed all-metal transmission allows users to operate the thing at variable high-speeds ranging from 0-400 RPM to 0-1500 RPM.

The inclusion of an impact driver means this combo kit is for you who will drive a lot of screws. In combination with the drill/driver, this tool will greatly speed up your construction projects. It delivers as much as 1280 pounds of torque. With 2300 RPM, the cordless impact screwdriver will help you drive long screws at a fast rate. The maximum amount of blows the driver puts out is 3200 impacts per minute. It is great enough especially for a battery operated impact driver.

These tools are lighter in weight than other similar products powered by Ni-cad batteries. The lithium-ion battery also translates to quick recharge time. The built-in LED light will aid you when drilling in areas of low light.

Product Features and Specifications

– 1/2-Inch Driver-Drill
– 480 inch-pounds of max torque
– 290 inch-pounds of PTI torque
– two-speed all-metal transmission (0-400 RPM and 0-1500 RPM)
– built-in LED light
– Powered by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery
– Compact Impact Driver
– 1280 inch-pounds of torque
– 2300 RPM Max Speed
– 3200 IPM/BPM
– built-in LED light
– Powered by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery
– Weighs 2.8 pounds
– Rapid optimum charger
– Contractor bag

The Makita LCT200W two-piece combo kit has received a lot of positive customer feedback from the reviewers at and it is currently rated 4.6/5 stars.

CLICK HERE to read what others have said about the cordless combo kit.

The customer feedback for the Makita LCT200W has largely been very positive. However, a number of quite serious criticisms have also been leveled at the product. We will now discuss some of the complaints that the customers have made so that our readers can be as informed as possible about this tool before purchasing it.

A few complaints have been made about the battery life. It seems the battery life is shorther than expected. Some of the customers have found batteries deplete quickly and this is very inconvenient for them. Based on one review, the Li-Ion battery lasts for around 30 minutes of use. Keep in mind that the batteries that come with the kit are 1.5 AH batteries. Because of this problem, some customers bought 3 AH batteries. So if you intend to perform frequent demanding tasks, you may have to do a battery upgrade.

The built-in LED light onboard is a very useful feature for many users. However, Several negative reviews have been made in relation to this feature. Some of the customers have argued that because the the LED is near the trigger, the drill chuck casts a shadow on the drilling area. However, this may not be a serious issue for you.

Finally some have complained about the clutch. One user reported that his gave up less than 30 days. The one used by another user broke after 3 months. Fortunately, this issue has not been reported by other reviewers.

You can CLICK HERE to read through the customer reviews made for the product in more detail.

Despite the negative feedback that we have just discussed, most of the customer reviews for the Makita LCT200W 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit have been very positive.

Many reviewers appreciate the fast recharge time. Many of them have reported that the batteries charged up so quickly. This means, if you think that the battery life is a little short, you should not too worry about this issue since you can always keep one in the charger that works amazingly quick according to many reviewers. With two batteries and a rapid charger, your drilling project will be never down.

Positive comments have also been expressed by the reviewers in reference to the tool’s light weight. They love the comfort and balance of the product. According to a reviewer, the product is even lighter than many 9.6 volt drills.

Versatility is another characteristic of the item that has been praised. It might not function as powerful as industrial drills, but this electric drill is still a great option for light to moderate duty jobs.

Would we recommend the Makita LCT200W 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit to our readers? Absolutely, and here is why:

Although the product has received a small number of negative reviews, most of the customer feedback has been very impressive. Indeed, the kit has received over 180 5-star reviews, which we find to be very encouraging.

We would recommend the Makita LCT200W 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit to any of our readers looking for a quality product that is lightweight but powerful enough for everyday jobs.

Customers have argued that this is the best available drill after conducting extensive research. This increases our confidence in this recommendation.

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Dewalt DCK211S2 Review – What Others Have Said About The 12-Volt Combo Kit

The Dewalt DCK211S2 combo kit is a combination of a drill and an impact driver. It is a cost effective way to complete your power tool collection. For general DIY projects around the home, a 12V cordless tool like this should do well.

Dewalt DCK211S2 Combo Kit

The two-speed gearbox is designed to allow you to perform operations with increased flexibility and convenience. You can select from different speed settings according to your project.

These days, newer technology of cordless tools has allowed the battery powered products to perform on or near par with their corded counterparts. With a compact size and a maximum output of 189 unit watts, the 12 V drill is designed to work well in tight spaces. Although you may need another product with a higher voltage to handle more challenging materials, this drill shoud be ideal for residential projects.

The 3/8-inch drill/driver is powered by a 1.1 Ah lithium-ion battery. As you know, A Li-Ion battery offers longer run times than NiMH and Ni-cd. This battery type does not suffer from memory effect.

Product Features and Specifications:

– 189 Units Watts Out
– Two-speed gearbox (0-400 / 0-1500)
– 15-position clutch
– 3/8″ Keyless Chuck
– Two 12V (Max) Li-Ion batteries
– bit tip
– Two belt hooks
– 30-60 minutes recharge time
– Built-in LEDs

The Dewalt DCK211S2 Cordless Drill/Impact Driver Combo Kit has received some very positive feedback from its customers at and currently has a review rating of 4.8/5 stars.

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For the most part the customer feedback for the Dewalt DCK211S2 has proven to be very encouraging. However, inevitably, the customers of the product have written some negative reviews. We will now discuss some of this negative feedback so that our readers can be as informed as possible about this combo kit.

One complaint that has been made by a customer about the drill relates to its chuck system. The chuck did not keep the bits secure. In other words, the drill bit keeps coming loose during drilling. Another customer reported that his tool has a “spongy” Forward/Reverse switch. However, the majority of users did not experience such problems.

There is not much bad to be said for this lightweight drill/driver. The users who experienced the problems might have received a defective unit. You can read through what the customers have said about the product in more detail by clicking HERE.

Despite the negative feedback that we have just discussed, it seems that the vast majority of the customers have been pleased with their purchase of the Dewalt DCK211S2 combo kit.

The two-piece combo kit possesses a number of qualities that have impressed its reviewers.

The power of the machine is one of its most popular characteristics. The reviewers have been very pleased with the performance of the drill for around the house needs. Although for a professional contractor it may lack of power, the drill is quite powerful for its size. Drilling through wood or driving 3″ screws can be accomplished without problems.

Positive comments have also been expressed by the reviewers in reference to the battery recharge time. It only takes about 30 minutes to recharge the battery.

Many customers have also praised the design of the unit. They like the slim handle which is great for smaller hands. This is because of the position of the battery which is not in the handle. They also like the fact the the tool provides better drill balance. This is an important feature for long-term use.

A lot of reviewers have also found the impact driver included in the kit to be quite useful. Although one user said the he did not impress with its performance at driving long screws, based on other reviewers this 1/” impact driver did a great job of handling small screws.

Finally, positive comments have also been made for the LED light that can be considered a great addition when working in tight spaces to light up the drilling surface.

Would we recommend the Dewalt DCK211S2 to our readers? Absolutely, and here is why:

Although the DIY tool kit has received a few complaints, most of the customer feedback has been very positive. One user has described it as a magnificent set.

If you are looking for a quality cordless drill/impact driver combo, then based on the customer feedback, you will be impressed with this machine.

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