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Worx Switchdriver WX176L Review – Is It The Right Tool For You?


The WX176L Switchdriver is a dual head cordless drill driver that comes from one of the top providers. This tool is more suitable for around the home jobs rather than heavy use. Here is a brief rundown of the pros and cons of the product.

The quick head changer is the unique selling point of the tool. Not many drill drivers come with this feature. Switching between drilling a pilot hole and driving a screw can be accomplished easily. This also comes in handy for projects that require two different sized bits.

Unlike the least expensive drills that run at a single speed, this one has a two-speed gear control. Speed ranges are 0-400 rpm and 0-1500 rpm (no load). A variable speed trigger controls the speed of rotation, allowing this tool to cover a wide range of drilling and fastening applications.

According to the company, the maximum torque the drilling tool can produce is 265 in-lbs. Do not compare the drilling performance with those higher priced tools such as the Makita XFD10R (480 in-lbs) or RIDGID R86008K (535 in-lbs). However, for light home use or occasional work, the Worx drill-driver can be a nice tool to have.


The maximum recommended hole size is 1-3/16″ in wood. In metal, the maximum drilling capacity is 3/8″. To prevent users from over-driving screws, the clutch is controlled electronically. 11 clutch positions are provided for you to choose.

Another feature that you may find useful on this small drilling tool is the built-in automatic LED light to light up the work area. The LED Light also functions as a battery capacity indicator that will flash when power gets low.

The dual chucks are suited for bits with hex-shaped shanks 1/4″ in diameter. This is something to think about if you plan to use any of your existing standard drill bits. For this reason, consider to opt for the WX176L.1 model that comes with a set of 1/4″ drill bits.

When it comes to power source, the WORX WX176L is driven by a Lithium Ion 20 volts battery. The nominal voltage is 18 volts. The 20-volt max 1.5Ah lithium battery for this tool (WORX WA3520) is priced around $42, in case your tool does not come with any battery. The charger, WORX WA3732, costs around $35.

The majority of the reviewers on Amazon have rated the 2-in-1 tool at least 4/5 stars. Like any other drill driver, this one is not completely flawless. A number of complaints have been leveled at this product.

As mentioned before, it only accepts quarter-inch drill bits. Complaints have also been made about the charge time. With the WORX WA3732, it takes 3-5 hours to recharge the battery. Finally, there are some negative comments about the torque output. If you intend to use this tool for serious construction work, then consider investing in a more heavy duty model.

Despite having a few downsides, it seems to have satisfied many of those who purchased it. The two-headed drill comes with a compact and comfortable design. The locations for the forward/reverse rotation control and the low/high speed switch are no different than most other models. Changing bits is simple with toolless quick-change chucks. Swapping driver heads is easy and quick.

In terms of performance, the WORX WX176L may not be in the same league as a half-inch drill. That said, it should be powerful enough to do various things around the house. If you need to do repetitive drilling and screwing tasks, then the 2-in-1 tool is worth considering.

What You Get And Don’t Get With The Makita FD02W 3/8-Inch Driver-Drill Kit?

Makita FD02W 3/8-Inch Driver-Drill Kit

Released by Makita, the FD02W can be a good solution for you who need a compact drill for those quick jobs such as assembling a rack or installing wall plates. Priced around $80, it might be a bit expensive but many people have found that it is worth the price. Read this review to get familiar with the properties of this cordless drill/driver kit.

The motor is rated at 200 inch-pounds (/22N•m) of torque. Obviously, it is not a heavy duty drill/driver. That being said, the performance is nothing to take lightly for a 12 Volt unit. While not suitable for the tougher construction jobs, customer feedback indicates that it has a good amount power for general household use.

Ideal for around-the-house drilling, it has a high and low gear setting. Use the first speed setting (0-350 RPM) when you need more torque. The high-speed mode (0 – 1,300 RPM) is ideal for applications such as drilling wood. Its variable-speed function additionally provides more versatility. The more you press the trigger, the faster it will go.

The Makita FD02W can be a good replacement for your older Ni-cad drill. The BL1014 12V Max Lithium-Ion Battery used by this model is 43 percent more compact than the Makita 9.6V NI-CD battery. With Li-ion technology, it charges anytime without any memory effect. Many of its customers have been pleased with its battery life. Even better, since two batteries are included in the kit, there will be less downtime for battery swaps.

The box also contains a charger that is designed to recharge the battery in 50 minutes. The 2-prong charger plugs into a standard 110V AC outlet. The battery charging system for this model, Makita DC10WB, is Energy Star rated, meaning it uses less energy than conventional models. The DC10WB charger costs around $40 in case you need a backup.

Visit Amazon for more information:

Makita BL1014 12V Max Lithium-Ion Battery

Makita DC10WB 7.2V – 12V Max Lithium-Ion Charger

Though coming with a compact design, the Makita FD02W still packs a punch. Equipped with an electric brake. It comes to a complete stop quickly when you release the trigger. The drill is also reversible meaning it turns either direction.

Basically, the features are pretty much the same as the Makita DT01W. The plus point is it comes with a 3/8-Inch keyless chuck. With 1/4″ insertion head, the earlier model does not accept regular drill bits. It is more of a powered screwdriver. A 3/8-inch drill is common for most home applications since it accepts a wide range of bits.

Similar to FD01W model, it also has a work light just above the trigger for working in low light environments. Beyond that, the light does not turn off immediately after you release the trigger. There is a time delay for a few seconds before it turns off.

Weighing only 2.2 lbs, it is a bit heavier than the FD01W. However, the difference is negligible. The light weight design will help reduce operator fatigue. At only 7-7/16″ long, it would easily fit into tight, narrow spaces. Coming with an ergonomic shape, people love the feel of this drill.

Being advertised as a drill-driver kit, you will receive a hard plastic case for storage. There is plenty of room drill bits. A nice belt holster included makes this product more handy. This kit, unfortunately, does not come with bits so You will need to purchase them. A magnetic bit holder with various bits would be a nice addition.

Priced around $80, it may be a bit pricey. There are a few complaints made about the placement of the LED light. However, the majority of reviewers seem to be very satisfied with their purchase. As of this writing, the Makita FD02W commands a respectable 4.6 stars out of 5 on the Amazon ratings.

There is not much bad to be said for this product. As long as you keep in mind that it is not meant as a replacement for a full size 18V drill, you will be thoroughly pleased with its performance. Designed for drilling holes and for driving screws, Makite provides 18 clutch settings on this cordless tool that allows for added precision and control.

With a lightweight, compact design, this drill/screwdriver would not be tiring to use for long periods. It is a great choice for smaller hands (e.g. women). The battery seems to last long. Customers have also been pleased with how fast the battery charge.

No product is developed to satisfy everyone’s needs. However, if you are looking for a battery-operated drill that offers sufficent power to do a variety of small jobs, then the Makita FD02W lithium ion 3/8 drill/driver deserves a serious consideration.

Porter Cable PCL120DDC-2 – What People Think About The 12-Volt Max Drill/Driver?

Porter Cable PCL120DDC-2 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver

Every power drill has its pros and cons for different projects. If you are planning to get yourself a battery-operated drill for small projects, the Porter Cable PCL120DD is well worth checking out. Porter Cable is an old trusted brand, a name you can trust when it comes to power tools. In this review you will find information regarding the pros and cons of one of their products, Porter Cable PCL120DDC.

With a compact design, the 3/8-inch drill/driver has been advertised to deliver comfort, control and versatility. It measures 7-1/2 inches long, shorter than many of its rivaling products. Weighing only 2.4 pounds (with battery), lots of people have found that it is easy to work with. It is a great choice for you have a need for a drilling tool which is small enough to fit into tight spaces.

The Porter Cable PCL120DD is powered by a 12V, 1.3AH lithium ion battery. The nominal voltage is 10.8V under a workload. The lithium ion technology contributes to its lightweight design. With no big heavy battery on the bottom, this tool is ideal for overhead applications.

Many customers have been pleased with how long the charge lasts. Even better, two PCL12BLX 12V lithium ion batteries are included in the package, ensuring a spare is always available to minimize downtime. The battery is reasonably priced in case you need a replacement in the future. It costs around $40.

The cordless drill also comes with a 12V charger (PCL12C). With a fast charger, the battery charges in as little as 30 minutes. This drill is a bit more expensive than others. That being said, the quick charger and the two included batteries make this product appeal to many people.

Different materials require different speeds and torque. There is a two-speed gearbox (315/1200 RPM) for greater versatility. A slide gear shifter button allows you to select high speed, low torque setting or low speed, high torque setting. There is a torque adjustment collar so that you can set the clutch to the desired torque level. This prevents you from stripping a screw head. 20 driving and drilling settings are available.

This tool also offers variable speed feature. The farther you squeeze the trigger, the higher the speed of the drill. It comes standard with a forward/reverse control button that allows you to determine the tool’s direction. The button also serves as a lock off button to prevent switch actuation when installing or removing drill bit or other accessories.

At a glance, there is no difference between this drill and many models out there. There are no features such as middle gear and built-in level, for instance. Furthermore, just like many 3/8-in. drills sold today, the Porter Cable PCL120DD comes with a keyless chuck. No key is required to tighten or release the drill bit, making the job quicker and simpler. While this is a positive point of this type of tightening mechanism, some customers have expressed their concerns that the chuck does not hold drill bit tightly which is a common issue with keyless chuck drills.

Despite few negative feedback, this drill/screwdriver is rated high by many of its users. As of this writing, it commands a 4.7 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.

A number of nice features are still provided. Located on the top of the tool is a magnetic bit storage slot which is a nice extra. A belt clip is also provided. You can switch it to either side of the tool. Another feature that you may find useful is the integrated LED work light that will automatically illuminate the work area when you pull the trigger switch. It also comes with a carrying case.

When it comes to performance and build quality, there is not much bad to be said for this 12V Max drill/driver. Many reviewers have reported that it has plenty of power and torque for various minor household jobs. The battery holds a charge for a relatively long time. The ergonomic, lightweight design make it easy to handle.

The Porter Cable PCL120DDC-2 seems to have satisfied many of its users. There are a number of poor reviews. However, the positive reviews far out number the negative. If you have a need for a light to medium duty drill/driver for household use, then based on the customer feedback it will be a pleasure to use.

What People Think About The Porter-Cable PCC606LA Drill/Driver Kit?

Porter-Cable PCC606LA 20-Volt 1/2-Inch Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit

The PCC600 is part of the Porter-Cable’s 20 Volt MAX line-up. At 3.5 pounds, it is a lightweight cordless drill which is perfectly suited for DIY homeowners. Porter-Cable is a good brand and many people have found that this battery-operated drill has more than enough power for around the house jobs. Here is a brief rundown of the pros and cons of the Porter-Cable PCC606LA drill/driver kit.

The PCC606LA includes one PCC600 drill/driver, one PCC680L Lithium-ion compact battery, one PCC690L battery charger, and one double-ended bit tip. Priced a bit higher, the PCCK600LB drill/driver kit includes two PCC680L batteries. If you also have a need for an impact driver, consider to get the PCCK602L2 combo kit. What is best for you depends on what kind of projects you want to do.

Weighing 0.8 lbs, the compact battery contributes to the overall lightweight of the drill. The battery is designed to work on all Porter-Cable 20v MAX power tools. It provides 1.5Ah. Compares this with the black battery PCC681L which is rated 1.3Ah. A higher Ah (amp hour) rating means more power and runtime. It might not have the longevity for construction crews, but based on the customer feedback it can power the drill a good bit of time.

There is a battery indicator on the drill that shows you how much charge is left in the battery. If you have two batteries, this will minimize downtime by helping anticipate battery swaps. More than that, completely discharging a Li-ion battery may damage it so the fuel meter is a very handy feature. When it comes to Lithium-ion, a partial discharge reduces stress and prolongs battery life. The PCC680L features no memory.

The 20V drill/driver has dual-range gearing (0-400/0-1,600). The maximum speed is better than the average. Basically, the slow range gives you a lot more torque which is necessary for more demanding applications. The motor delivers 330 Units Watts Out. Definitely, it is not the most powerful drill in its class. However, compared to the PCC601 model that only delivers 283 Units Watts Out, you can expect it to deliver more power.

PORTER-CABLE PCC680L 20-Volt Lithium Ion Battery

In addition to the two-speed gear box, there are 23 clutch settings (22 + drill) that allow you to adjust the amount of torque that will be delivered to the screw head. This 20V cordless drill also comes equipped with 1/2-inch metal ratcheting chuck. The fact that the keyless chuck can be tightened with one hand is another plus point of this compact power tool.

Other features of the PCC606LA include an LED light and two magnetic bit holders that are adequate for smaller bits. The LED turns on automatically when the trigger is pulled. This comes in very handy if you are working in dark corners or under a sink. Combined with the compact size (7 3/4″ length) and lightweight design (3.5lbs), the contoured over molded grill helps minimize user fatique.

Overall, most owners are happy with the Porter-Cable PCC606LA one-battery model. Not all the reviews of this product are positive however. Some reviewers wish the kit came with a plastic hard case. Others have reported that the the belt clip shown in the images did not come included with the drill.

Further, it has received a few complaints in regard to the position of the LED light. Finally, some have commented that there is a slight wobble in the chuck. That being said, this is a common problem with even the more expensive drills. Not a lot of the reviewers have reported this issue.

Those who are currently using this tool love how powerful and fast it is. Some reviewers have reported that the speed and power is beyond their expectations. Clearly, it has plenty of power for the size. Other positive comments have been made for the battery life. It can hold a charge for a reasonable period of time.

Positive comments have also been made for the build quality. Lightweight, but solid construction. This drill is compact but not too small. The ergonomic design and the non-slip grip handle make it easy to use. With a keyless design, changing bits will not be a problem.

The PCC606LA drill/driver kit is not perfect. But if what you want is a well-designed cordless driver/drill which is convenient to use for jobs around the house, then it is worth considering.

Bosch DDB181-02 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Drill/Driver Kit – Is It A Good Purchase?

Bosch DDB181-02 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Compact Tough Drill/Driver Kit

If you have a need for a basic drill for small projects around the house, then the Bosch DDB181 may be the right choice for you. Despite being one of the lightest 18V dril driver, this model packs a big punch in a small package. The “Bosch” name has been synonymous with quality power tools and customer feedback suggests that this product holds up to that. Let’s see what makes this cordless drill one to consider.

The drill/driver kit includes two 1.5Ah Lithium-Ion batteries. A charger and a soft case are also included in the package. As you know, Lithium batteries can be charged at any time as they do not have cell memory. According to the manufacturer, the batteries will hold their charge for up to 18 months when not in use.

The Bosch DDB181 is not designed for drilling into concrete. It is a drill/driver only. That being said, with 350 In. lbs of torque, it seems to serve its purpose well. The 13 amp motor has two operating speeds of 400 and 1300 RPM (under no-load). The two-speed transmission enables fast drilling and fastening. The Bosch cordless drill also has a variable speed trigger that allows you to control the speed of the motor.

Designed to tackle light-duty fastening and drilling jobs, the Bosch DDB181 features a 1/2-inch tool-free auto-lock chuck. In addition to the variable speed feature, it also offers 20 clutch settings and a motor brake for precise screw driving. There is a built in LED light that turns on when you pull the trigger. This comes in handy in those areas that are darkened by shadows.

Possibly the most impressive aspect of the DDB181 is lightweight, compact design. It is a 18V drill driver with a 12V size. The drill weighs 3 lbs without a battery. It can work with either SlimPack ( .34lbs) or FatPack (1.35lbs) batteries. Just 7.1 inches long, the DDB181 is perfect for smaller hands and tight spaces. The soft grip handle helps reduce operator fatigue.

The compact 18-Volt drill driver might be less powerful than regular models. However, for anyone looking for a lightweight, compact drilling tool that offers more power than 12 volt models, this product is one to consider. It has received some very positive customer feedback at It has an impressive review rating of 4.7/5 stars at this time of writing.

Like any other power tool, this one is not completely flawless. A battery gauge would be a welcome addition. Despite such negative feedback, the customer reviews have been very encouraging for the most part. It has plenty of power for light duty drilling and driving tasks.

Many people have also praised the length of time the battery runs between charges. Recharge time is 60 minutes which is relatively fast. The DDS181 model offers 600 in-lbs which is more powerful but it only comes with one battery.

Every tool has its place. If what you need is a solid light-duty 1/2″ drill/driver, then the Bosch DDB181-02 is worth considering. The lightweight design, torque adjustment, two speed ranges and the locking keyless chuck make it well worth looking at.

Bosch 1006VSR Review – Make Sure The 3/8-Inch Drill Perfectly Suits Your Needs

Bosch 1006VSR 3/8-Inch Drill

Bosch makes the best drills. If you have a need for a good corded drill for light jobs around the home, the Bosch 1006VSR is one to consider. Priced less than $70, it is a simple drill that does not come with bells and whistles. However the majority of reviewers have said that it is a good buy for the price. Let us throw light on some of the prominent features of the pistol grip drill.

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6.3 Amp Motor
It is not a heavy duty drill. You can find units with a higher amperage on the market. That said, many people have been pleased with the performance of this drill. With a corded electric tool, no dead or worn out batteries to worry about. The 8-ft cord length ensures freedom of movement.

3/8-inch keyless chuck
3/8″ is the most common size for homeowners. Most bits do not have a bigger shaft size anyway. With a keyless chuck system, changing drill bits can be accomplished quickly.

Variable Speed
It does not have multiple speed options. But you can still manually adjust the RPM of you drill according to different materials. The maximum speed is 2600 RPM.

Forward/Reverse Switch
There is a switch that allows you to control the direction of rotation. The Bosch 1006VSR does not have a clutch. However you can use it as a driver.

Service Minder™ Brushes
This feature eliminates guesswork. When brush replacement is required the tool stops automatically.

Convenient Features
Weighing 4.32 lb, it is manageable for most people. With the soft grip and over-sized 2-finger trigger, it will fit comfortably in your hand for extended working. The improved lock-on switch design and the sturdy belt clip are also provided for added comfort.

The Bosch 3/8-inch drill might not be one of the most popular electric drill at However it has received some very positive feedback from its customers. The 120V drill is currently rated 4.5/5 stars that proves how good the it is.

Pros and Cons
While most of the reviews have been positive, inevitably, as with any product, negative views have also been voiced by some reviewers. The most concerning complaints have been made by a number of customers in regard to the speed control. Reportedly, it jumps into faster speeds too quickly. It is hard to keep at a steady medium speed.

Some customers would have also liked to see a carrying case like other Bosch tools. However it should not be a deal breaker. Finally, some have complained about the chuck which is made out of metal.

Despite the features of the Bosch 3/8-inch drill that have received criticism, most of the reviewers have been satisfied with their purchase. Many customers have found the drill to be very powerful.

The reviewers have also found the machine to be light enough to handle with ease. It is a little on the heavy side but it seems to be comfortable to use. Some positive comments have also been made for its sturdy construction.

If you just want a good simple drill that offers plenty of power, then based on the customer feedback you will be thoroughly pleased with this product. Featuring keyless chuck, reversible motor, and variable speed capability, the Bosch 1006VSR would be a good choice for general use around the house.

Click here to buy the Bosch 1006VSR 3/8-Inch Keyless Chuck Drill on Amazon.

DeWalt DCD790D2 Review – Pros And Cons Of The 20V Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit

DeWalt DCD790D2 20V Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit

If you are in the market for a new cordless drill/driver, you may want to take a look at the DeWalt DCD790D2. Priced around $200, the drill is not cheap but seems well built, sturdy, and worth the money. Of course, there are many different pros and cons associated with the power tool, so make sure you read this review before deciding if it is the right choice that fits your needs.

Before anything else, you should not expect it to replace a 1/2″ corded drill. That said, customer reviews suggest that this drill has plenty of power that a battery-operated unit can provide. Powered by a 20V MAX XR Lithium-Ion battery, it offers 360 unit watts out (UWO) max power. DeWalt measures the maximum power of their drills in terms of unit watts out. With 360 UWO, it is not their most powerful drill. However, it is still adequate to handle most jobs.

Weighing only 3.5 lbs, it allows you to work comfortably during awkward and extended applications. While more powerful drills are available, they weigh much more. The Makita LXFD03 and the Milwaukee M18, for instance, weighs about 5 lbs. So if you are looking for a low weight, powerful drill then the DeWalt DCD790 is definitely one to consider. It will suffice for most users. Coming with 2-speed settings (0-600/0-2,000 RPM), it has good speed and power.

This Dewalt model is rated well by many people which means there is so much this drill offers. The kit includes two 20V MAX XR 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion batteries. XR means eXtreme Runtime. According to DeWalt, the XR Li-Ion batteries provide 33% more capacity over standard packs. The DeWalt DCB203 Li-Ion battery pack that this tool uses can be purchased on Amazon in case you need an extra. The DCB203-2 that stands for a 2 pack of batteries cost around $120.

A charger which is designed to operate on standard 120 V household electrical power is also included in the kit. The battery pack features a 3-LED fuel gauge system that indicates the level of charge left. With a quick 35 minute charge time, it allows you to continue working through longer projects. This is definitely a good thing for users who depend on fast recharges. Combined with an XR brushless motor, it allows you to charge less and work more.

The DeWalt DCD790 is a 1/2″ (13mm) cordless drill/driver. Its metal ratcheting chuck enhances durability. Featuring an automatic spindle lock mechanism, you can open and close the chuck with one hand. The drill is also equipped with a LED light that comes on whenever you pull the trigger. For some people it may not be real effective but it is there. There is a belt clip that comes in handy when using an extension ladder and you need both hands to climb. A hard carrying case is also shipped with the tool for easy storage.

As with most DeWalt tools, the DeWalt DCD790D2 drill/driver kit has received very good feedback from many buyers. Out of 53 reviews on Amazon, 38 of them listed 5 stars for this VSR drill.

This is certainly not a perfect power tool and customers do have some complaints. There have been a few complaints about wobble in the chuck. Reportedly, bits did not stay tight that can be a problem when dealing with delicate work. Two reviewers spoke about high vibration in the second speed which can cause a certain amount of inconvenience.

Despite the negative feedback that we have just discussed, it is important to realize that the majority of reviewers have been satisfied with their purchase. They have praised the battery operated drill/driver for a number of its different features.

Many reviewers have been very pleased with its performance. Some have commented that this is the best cordless drill they have ever owned. The reviewers have also keenly expressed their appreciation for the battery life and the quick charging time. More than that, replacement batteries are reasonably priced.

Other positive comments that have been made include those in relation to the additional features and its compact, lightweight design that makes the drill easy to handle. With an ergonomic comfort grip handle, the drill feels good in the hand. The LED light is not very powerful and the carrying case does not provide lots of room for storage of parts and bits but they are still nice extras.

All in all, the DeWalt DCD790 is a cordless drill that provides a great power-to-weight ratio. Although this machine is not cheap, you at least know when you make the investment you will have a quality drilling tool. In the end, when it comes to power tools, you get what you pay for.

Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch 2-Speed Drill/Driver Kit Review

Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch 2-Speed Drill/Driver Kit

Which company makes the best cordless drills? Different people will have different opinions and answers to the question. But most of us will agree that Bosch is one of the top manufacturers. If you are looking for a cordless drill which is small enough to reach into tight areas and corners, one of their products, the Bosch PS31-2A definitely cannot be left out. So many people have been impressed with the power and convenience of the drill. In this review you will find information regarding the main features of the Bosch PS31-2A, along with some of the pros and cons of the tool.

At just 2.14 pounds, it is by far the lightest cordless drill/driver in its class. The Skil 2414-02, for instance, weighs 2.6 pounds. The Milwaukee 2410-22 has a weight of approximately 2.5 pounds. The Bosch PS31 is also impressively compact at 7 inches in length. Compact in size and lightweight in design, it is perfect for overhead work and confined areas. The Bosch cordless-electric drill is powered by a 10.8V/12V MAX Lithium-Ion battery. In terms of weight and volume, Li-Ion seems to be the best compared to NiMH and NiCad.

The package includes two lithium battery packs with 2 amp hour rating, a plug in charger and a soft case. With the BC330 charger, recharge time is 1 hour. If you want faster charging times, try out the BC430 that offers 30-minute charge time. The chargers run on 120V 60Hz only. The tool is equipped with charge condition indicator lights that shows the charge condition of the battery. Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) protects the battery against overcharging and overheating. When the battery is empty, a protective circuit automatically switches off the tool.

This drill/driver features a 3/8-inch single sleeve chuck that will accommodate most common applications. The keyless design allows for quick and easy bit changes.
The DC motor delivers 265 in-lbs of Max torque. The drill also comes with 20 clutch settings which is handy when using it in screwdriver mode. This prevents screw stripping and helps you avoid damage to materials. Output torque will increase as the clutch ring is rotated from 1 to 19. You can lock up the clutch when dealing with heavy duty work.

The Bosch PS31 is equipped with a variable speed trigger switch. The more you squeeze the trigger, the higher the RPM. Two separate gear ranges are available. The low gear (0-350 RPM) provides high torque for driving screws or making larger holes. The high gear (0-1,300 RPM) is intended for drilling lighter work. A slide switch or trigger lets you select high or low speed.

To decrease the likelihood of injury caused by a spinning bit, the drill also incorporates a brake system that will stop the chuck quickly as soon as the trigger is released. This will also be useful in the repetitive driving and removal of screws. The tool is also equipped with an automatic locking system that comes in handy when higher turning torque is needed. When the trigger switch is released the bit will be locked in one position. You can then tighten or loosen the nut or screw by rotating the tool by hand.

Another feature that you may find useful on this battery-operated drill is the built-in LED work light that allows for easier drilling/driving in low light or dark areas. It turns on automatically when the switch is activated. To reduce fatigue a soft, rubberized grip is incorporated into the drilling system. The Bosch tool is eligible for the ProVantage Protection Plan which means there is a tool replacement guarantee during the first year after purchase. The protection plan also extends coverage against defects for 2 additional years. The battery will be under warranty for 2 years.

The Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max is one of the most popular drill/driver kits at The product has a strong 4.5/5 star rating at this time of writing which means the majority of customers absolutely adore it. There are a few complaints about chuck wobble. However, not a lot of the reviewers have reported this issue. The majority of Amazon reviewers have keenly expressed their appreciation for the overall performance and design of the drill.

Many reviewers have found that the drill has plenty of power for the size. The compact, lightweight design makes it very easy to use for small driving jobs like unscrewing door hinges or installing tv mounts. One customer commented that the higher speed is not particularly fast for drilling in wood. Some 12V models such as Skil 2414-02, Milwaukee 2410-22, and DeWalt DCD710s2 offer 1,500 Max RPM. However, they are also heavier.

Customers have also found that the battery lasts a good time. They also like the fact that it comes with two batteries and a fast-charging system. Customers have also praised the drill for a number of its different features. The two speed settings, battery indicator lights, trigger grip speed control, keyless chuck, and torque limiter make it appeal to many people. The LED light has also proven to be a nice addition.

The Bosch PS31 12-volt drill/driver will not meet everyone’s needs. But if you are in the market for a small, light, and relatively powerful cordless drill, then based on the customer feedback you will be happy with this product. It is not a 120V corded drill but for most jobs around the house you do not need a heavy duty unit.

Makita 6407 3/8-Inch Variable Speed Reversible Drill Review

Makita 6407 3/8-Inch Variable Speed Reversible Drill

Makita has a great reputation for producing quality reliable power tools and consumer comments from across the net indicate that this drill holds up to that. The Makita 6407 is meant for light duty applications around the house. At 3.1 pounds (1.4 kg), this little corded drill is lightweight enough that a woman can handle it. In this review you will find information regarding the main features of the simple, basic drill, along with some pros and cons.

For around $70, it is definitely not the most affordable corded drill in the market. There are tons of corded units that sell for under $30. But when it comes to power tools, it is wise to buy the best unit that you can afford. It will be cheaper in the long run. Just remember the old saying, ” you get what you pay for”. Makita is a good brand. A lot of people swear by Makita. For the average household use, $70 is an appropriate amount to pay for a well built corded drill. You can expect this one to last many years.

The Makita 6407 is powered by a 4.9 AMP motor. The power cord is 8.2 ft length which is long enough to do most jobs without an extension cord. This low amperage model will not perform like a heavy duty drill. If you are going to be drilling rock-hard materials, it is not the right product for you. However, user reviews indicate that it is a powerful drill for basic household usage. Higher amp ratings normally mean more power. But this is not always the case. Highly effecient tools do not require more current to perform the same job as lower grade tools.

The single-speed drill runs at 2,500 rpm under no load condition. The manual says that this consumer-type drill is equipped with variable speed capability which means speed can be controlled with simple trigger pressure. For continuous operation, you can push in the lock button. This allows for ease of operator comfort during extended use. This pistol-grip drill also comes equipped with a reversing switch that enables you to change the direction of rotation.

Capacity in wood is 25 mm (1”) which is considered standard for corded drills. The maximum diameter this power drill can produce in steel is 10 mm (3/8”). The chuck is keyed so you must use a key to unlock the chuck in order to install or remove the drill bit. But, though keyless chuck is easier to use, keyed chuck enables you to tighten up on small bits. It helps when drilling metal. However, if you prefer the keyless chuck system, the Makita 6408 may be for you. Click here to visit Amazon for further info.

Basically, there are four types of bearings used in power tool: ball, roller, needle and sleeve. The Makita 6407 uses all ball bearing construction that is considered the most desirable type of bearing. Full ball bearing construction reduces friction to the minimum. Drills which are fitted with this type of bearing can be operated continuously over long periods of time. Consumer tools normally use sleeve bearing. This construction has no rolling element.

When it comes to design, the drill measures 10 9/32 inches in length. Large trigger switch and large recessed lock-on button allow for comfortable operation. The advertised db level is 79dB that is considered low for a power drill.

User reviews of the Makita 6407 3/8-Inch Variable Speed Reversible Drill are impressive. As of this writing, the corded drill scores 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon. It is a simple drill that does not come with bells and whistles. Like most corded drills, it does not have a clutch. No case comes in the box, just the drill and a chuck to tighten the bit. Other than some minor considerations this tool is highly recommended.

According to many reviewers, this drill packs a lot of power for only 4.9 amps. Some have reported that sometimes it is too powerful. If you want a drill for precise projects, this probably is not a good fit for you. Some customers have expressed their concerns that the drill tends to keep spinning for quite a while after the switch trigger is released. This is not really an issue when drilling holes but it is when driving screws. But when you need consistent power and speed, it will come in handy.

Users have found that the drill feels very solid. It should last a long time. The lightweight design has also made a positive impression upon the reviewers. It is light enough to use one-handed. The larger trigger is another characteristic of this drilling machine that have impressed the reviewers. It lets you use two fingers instead of one. Overall, the customers have been pleased with its sturdy feel and smooth operation.

The Makita 6407 3/8 drill is not designed to handle all situations. But if what you need is a simple, well made corded drill that offers plenty of power, then this portable electric power tool is worth considering. Some people bought it as a replacement for the older version that they had used for years. They seem happy with their purchasing decision.

Makita 6302H Review – What Makes the 1/2-Inch Drill One to Consider

Makita 6302H 1/2-Inch Drill

When it comes to power tools, Makita is a name that denotes quality. The Makita 6302H is one of their products which has delivered a high degree of customer satisfaction. It seem to be the favorite of many people. If you are looking for a powerful and durable corded drill, then based on the customer feedback you will be pleased with this drilling tool. Let us check out below the full details of the Makita 6302H.

Equipped with a 1/2″ industrial quality drill chuck, many reviewers have found that it works well in many applications. The half-inch chuck allows for versatility. This drill uses a key chuck system to loosen and tighten the drill bit. To install a drill bit, you need to tighten all three chuck holes. For everyday small jobs, you might want the convenience of a keyless chuck. It facilitates easy replacement of drill bits. But a model with a keyed chuck holds the bit better. Keyed chuck system is more applicable on heavy drilling.

The Makita 6302H may or may not be suitable for your intended purpose. For light-duty tasks around the house such as replacing door hinges or hanging picture frames, a cheaper model will get the job done. But for applications such as mixing mud or putting holes in concrete, it can be a great choice. The 6302H is not a fancy tool. It only has a single speed gear. There is no clutch adjustment on this model. It is not a drill/driver. It is a pure drill which is built for one thing and one thing only: power.

The Makita 1/2-Inch drill is powered by a 6.5 AMP motor. Models with a higher amperage are available in the market. But it is important to keep in mind that higher amperage does not equate to more power. Many low amperage models can transfer the power to the bit more efficiently than models with a higher amp rating. Back to the Makita 6302H, many people have commented that it is capable of very high torque. Be careful not to injure your wrists. It is so powerful that it comes complete with an auxiliary handle for increased control and comfort.

It is nice to know that in order to pass UL safety inspection, more powerful drills must be shipped with auxiliary handles. You can read about it here. The 360-degree auxiliary handle on this model is removable. It can be installed on either side that makes it comfortable to use for right and left-handed users. Weighing in at 4.8 lbs, it is a little heavier than the average but is manageable for most people.

The Makita 6302H is not a high speed drill. The no-load output RPM is limited to 550. You will not want to use a high speed model when drilling in metal or mixing mud. It offers a 1-3/8-inch drilling capacity when working with wood. The drilling capacity in metal is 13 mm (1/2”). The 6302H is a variable speed reversible drill. Tool speed is controlled by the amount of pressure you exert on the switch trigger. There is a lock button which allows for continuous operation without holding the trigger. Another feature that it provides is a reversing switch that enables you to change the direction of rotation.

The portable electric drill has a metal casting at the front covering the gearbox. It is double insulated for safety. It eliminates the need for the third grounding prong on the plug. Cord length is 6 feet. As the motor only draws 6.5 amps, theoritically you can use a 16 gauge extension cord to operate the drill 50 feet from an outlet. Refer to the manual to ensure that.

The Makita 6302H might not be the most popular pistol grip drill at But it has received very good feedback from its users. Its current review rating is 4.9/5 stars with 26 reviews. This alone proves how good the drill is. No product works for everyone. But if you are looking for a well constructed, powerful 1/2 inch drill, then it is definitely a product worth considering.

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