DeWalt DCD790D2 Review – Pros And Cons Of The 20V Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit

DeWalt DCD790D2 20V Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit

If you are in the market for a new cordless drill/driver, you may want to take a look at the DeWalt DCD790D2. Priced around $200, the drill is not cheap but seems well built, sturdy, and worth the money. Of course, there are many different pros and cons associated with the power tool, so make sure you read this review before deciding if it is the right choice that fits your needs.

Before anything else, you should not expect it to replace a 1/2″ corded drill. That said, customer reviews suggest that this drill has plenty of power that a battery-operated unit can provide. Powered by a 20V MAX XR Lithium-Ion battery, it offers 360 unit watts out (UWO) max power. DeWalt measures the maximum power of their drills in terms of unit watts out. With 360 UWO, it is not their most powerful drill. However, it is still adequate to handle most jobs.

Weighing only 3.5 lbs, it allows you to work comfortably during awkward and extended applications. While more powerful drills are available, they weigh much more. The Makita LXFD03 and the Milwaukee M18, for instance, weighs about 5 lbs. So if you are looking for a low weight, powerful drill then the DeWalt DCD790 is definitely one to consider. It will suffice for most users. Coming with 2-speed settings (0-600/0-2,000 RPM), it has good speed and power.

This Dewalt model is rated well by many people which means there is so much this drill offers. The kit includes two 20V MAX XR 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion batteries. XR means eXtreme Runtime. According to DeWalt, the XR Li-Ion batteries provide 33% more capacity over standard packs. The DeWalt DCB203 Li-Ion battery pack that this tool uses can be purchased on Amazon in case you need an extra. The DCB203-2 that stands for a 2 pack of batteries cost around $120.

A charger which is designed to operate on standard 120 V household electrical power is also included in the kit. The battery pack features a 3-LED fuel gauge system that indicates the level of charge left. With a quick 35 minute charge time, it allows you to continue working through longer projects. This is definitely a good thing for users who depend on fast recharges. Combined with an XR brushless motor, it allows you to charge less and work more.

The DeWalt DCD790 is a 1/2″ (13mm) cordless drill/driver. Its metal ratcheting chuck enhances durability. Featuring an automatic spindle lock mechanism, you can open and close the chuck with one hand. The drill is also equipped with a LED light that comes on whenever you pull the trigger. For some people it may not be real effective but it is there. There is a belt clip that comes in handy when using an extension ladder and you need both hands to climb. A hard carrying case is also shipped with the tool for easy storage.

As with most DeWalt tools, the DeWalt DCD790D2 drill/driver kit has received very good feedback from many buyers. Out of 53 reviews on Amazon, 38 of them listed 5 stars for this VSR drill.

This is certainly not a perfect power tool and customers do have some complaints. There have been a few complaints about wobble in the chuck. Reportedly, bits did not stay tight that can be a problem when dealing with delicate work. Two reviewers spoke about high vibration in the second speed which can cause a certain amount of inconvenience.

Despite the negative feedback that we have just discussed, it is important to realize that the majority of reviewers have been satisfied with their purchase. They have praised the battery operated drill/driver for a number of its different features.

Many reviewers have been very pleased with its performance. Some have commented that this is the best cordless drill they have ever owned. The reviewers have also keenly expressed their appreciation for the battery life and the quick charging time. More than that, replacement batteries are reasonably priced.

Other positive comments that have been made include those in relation to the additional features and its compact, lightweight design that makes the drill easy to handle. With an ergonomic comfort grip handle, the drill feels good in the hand. The LED light is not very powerful and the carrying case does not provide lots of room for storage of parts and bits but they are still nice extras.

All in all, the DeWalt DCD790 is a cordless drill that provides a great power-to-weight ratio. Although this machine is not cheap, you at least know when you make the investment you will have a quality drilling tool. In the end, when it comes to power tools, you get what you pay for.

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