DeWalt DWE1014 Review – Should You Get The 3/8-Inch Drill?

Dewalt DWE1014 3/8-Inch 0-2800 RPM VS Drill with Keyed Chuck

There are lots of well designed electric drills out there. If you want a good piece of equipment for DIY house projects. then the DeWalt DWE1014 is one available. It may not be the best product available for light-duty drilling chores but the feedback has generally been very positive. This review covers some important things that you might want to know about the DeWalt drilling tool.

Nothing is special about the drill. It comes standard with variable speed feature. You control the speed by how much you press on the trigger. With full speed at 2800 rpm, it allows for fast drilling in a variety of materials. Drills with higher speeds and lower torque are suitable for those looking to drill softer materials. To tackle harder materials, opt for models that offer lower speeds and more torque. If you are going to drill through steel, for instance, you should get a unit that operates at 500 rpm.

The DeWalt DWE101 is a basic, simple drill that does not offer multiple speed settings as many modern drills do. Variable speed is by trigger action only. That said, customer reviews indicate that it serves its purpose. Many of us just need a drill for everyday tasks like hanging pictures or for occasional commercial applications. In this case, you do not need superior units that incorporate a wide range of professional features.

In terms of design, this little corded tool does not look intimidating on the outside. That said, it still packs a good punch. As you know, corded drill power is measured in amps. Though amp rating is not the only indicator of drill power, higher amperage means a more powerful electric motor. This corded drill from DeWalt has a 7.0-amp motor. It would provide plenty of juice for most projects around the house .Maximum recommended capacities are 3/8″ (10 mm) for metal drilling and 1″ (25 mm) for wood, flat boring.

There is a lock button that enables convenient drilling. You can keep drilling without constantly having to press down on the trigger button. The Dewalt DWE1014 is a reversible drill. It runs forward and reverse. With very high RPM and no adjustable torque clutch, it may not be ideal for driving screws. That said, the feature is there in case you need it. It will come in handy when you need to retract a drill bit that gets stuck. It also could help for the occasional misplaced screw.

Unlike most power drills today, the DWE1014 features a keyed chuck. A chuck key is required to tighten or loosen the chuck. People have reported that the keyed chuck holds drill bit in place, which is a good thing if you are tired with keyless drill that comes loose when drilling. While keyless chuck allows you to make easier and quicker bit changes, keyed chuck tends to provide better bit retention. The 3/8″ chuck will cater for most light duty tasks around the home.

At 3.55 lbs, this compact pistol grip drill weighs practically nothing. Though it is not a super lightweight drill, female users would not have any problem using this tool. The lightweight design makes it easily maneuverable. People have also been surprised at the length of the power cord. A handy key holder is molded into the cord near the handle to help keep the chuck key where you need it.

Overall, most owners are thrilled with the build quality and performance of this 3/8-Inch drill. At this time of writing, the DeWalt DWE1014 has an outstanding 4.5 stars with 97 reviews on Amazon.

It is not a feature-rich drilling tool. There is no built in level on this model. It also does not have a work light. No carrying case is included. A few complaints have been made about the trigger sensitivity. You will probably need some time to get used to this drill. Finally, if you want a unit which can also be used as a screwdriver, models such as the DeWalt DCD771 or the DeWalt DC759KA would be a better choice. Both are equipped with a dual range gearing and multiple clutch settings.

Despite its limitations, the customer reviews have been encouraging for the most part. Though the Dewalt DWE1014 is not suited for nonstop heavy-duty use, people have been happy with its capabilities. In terms of build quality, comments indicate that this power tool is well engineered. According to the manual, this tool comes equipped with an advanced brush system. The drill will automatically stop when the brushes wear out. This will prevent serious damage to the motor.

DeWalt is known for reliable products and this drill holds up to that. If you are in the market for a hand drill for bigger projects, you might want to select a different model. That said, not all of us need the heavy duty stuff. There are times when you just need something light and compact to get the job done. If you are looking for a lightweight corded drill to handle basic tasks with wood or other light materials, then this product is worth considering.

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