Drill Doctor Drill Bit Sharpeners – Which Model Will Work Best For You?

Drill Doctor DD750X

Drilling jobs can be frustating without the proper, sharp drill bits. Working with dull bits is not only frustrating, but also dangerous. If you want to save time, money, and frustration, an electric drill bit sharpener may be your best bet. They are perfect for anyone who does not have experience with bench grinder. Sharpening drill bits manually with a grinding wheel is not easy. A good eye and a steady hand are vital. A benefit of using a specialized bit sharpening system is that it requires no special skill or practice to properly sharpen your drill bits. It will make your drill bit sharpening a lot faster and less wear.

When it comes to drill bit sharpeners, one of the most popular is the Drill Doctor DD750X. The machine can handle three of the most common drill bit types: standard point, split point and masonry bits. The sharpening process is simple that includes determining the type and angle of the drill bit, aligning the bit in the chuck and sharpening the bit. The sharpener is delivered with a 180-grit diamond sharpening wheel that will lasts long enough to sharpen more than 200 bits. The replacement wheel for this model is priced around $20. The life of the sharpening wheel can be doubled by reversing it.

Drill Doctor bit sharpeners come in different models. The 750X and 500X are designed for professional use. They are capable of sharpening bits made out of high-speed steel, carbide, cobalt, TiN-coated, and carbide-tipped masonry. Both can sharpen a left hand drill providing you purchase the left hand chuck adapter. The difference between the 750X and 500X is the 750X sharpens up to 3/4″ and the 500 up to 1/2″. The 3/4″ chuck is optional with the Model 500X. The machines are not able to sharpen below a 3/32.

Basically, the 750X model does everything the 500X does with several plus points. It lets you choose any angle from 118° to 140°. The 750X is also equipped wtih an adjustable material take-off (MTO) knob that enables you to remove more or less material from the tip of your bit. In other words, you can choose how much material to remove. When dealing with a bit which is only slightly dull, you will want to remove only a small amount of material from the bit. The amount of time to sharpen the bit can be reduced. It will extend your bit and wheel life. If your drill bit is quite dull, you can increase the amount of material removed.

For hobbyists, Darex offers DD350X. The 3/32- to 1/2-Inch drill bit sharpener will not do split point bits. It will convert split points to standard bits. This feature is provided by the higher models (DD500X and DD750X). They give you the possibility to create or resharpen split point drill bits in order to prevent bit walking. The DD350X basic sharpener is designed to sharpen 118º drill bits that are generally used for drilling into soft material like wood and aluminium.

Another model available is the DDSB. The bit sharpener does not split points but it enables you to sharpen both spade and twist drill bits. It handles bits with screw points and spurs. Twist drill bit chuck, spade bit holder, small spade bit collet insert, are shipped with the spade and twist drill bit sharpener. Whether you are a hobbyist, a serious DIYer, or a professional, there is a model for you. All models use 110V power source and comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

If you have used drills for many years, you must have a large collection of dull drill bits. A good electric bit sharpening system will save you the inconvenience of buying new drill bits. It is true that you can buy a set of drill bits for $20. But nothing is worse than having to run to the hardware store to get drill bit replacements in the middle of a project. Moreover, larger bits are expensive. A sharpener will pay for itself.

The DDSB, DD350X, DD500X, and the DD750X all have received a lot of positive reviews from its customers at Amazon.com. Not all of them were happy with their purchase. But most have awarded the sharpening devices with either 4 or 5 stars, which means the products offer good value for money. Just make sure to watch the video on the DVD that accompanies the tool in the box before your first try.

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