SKIL 6445-04 Hammer Drill – Take A Closer Look At What It Provides

SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Amp 1/2

If you are looking for a hammer drill but are not too keen on spending money on a commercial duty unit, the SKIL 6445 is something you should check out. It may not be an ideal choice for those who make a living doing construction. But for a typical homeowner who need a well made hammer drill, this model can be a great buy. Read on to see if it is a good fit.

The SKIL 6445 is a simple drilling tool with no torque or speed settings. That said, the corded tool offers drilling and hammering mechanism for drilling in masonry, asphalt, tile or other similar hard materials. Located on the top is a switch that you can use to turn off the hammering action in case you want to use it as a regular drill for drilling in woods,
metals, plastics or other non concrete materials.

The 7 Amp motor features a maximum operating speed of up to 3000 RPM under no load condition. Featuring variable speed trigger, you can slowly increase or decrease RPM, making it easier when drilling pilots. There is a lock-on button in the handle of the tool that allwos for continuous operation. Located above the trigger switch is a button to reverse the rotation of the drill bit.

In the hammer mode, the SKIL 6445 can delivers 0-51,000 beats-per-minute (BPM). It might not be the best product available when it comes to drilling into masonry or breaking up concrete. The Bostitch BTE140 7 Amp 1/2 in hammer drill, for instance, offers 0-52700 BPM. However, customer feedback suggests that it has met the expectations of many of its customers.

The chuck is keyed so if you prefer a keyless chuck this may not be the right product for you. That said, coming with 1/2″ keyed chuck, the SKIL 6445 accepts large diameter bits. The maximum capacity in concrete is 1″ and in wood is 1-5/8″. There is a holder for the chuck key on the cord protector so that it is unlikely to get lost or misplaced. With a chuck key system, you can really get the bit tight.

The side handle design is another feature that you may find useful on this 120 volt corded drill. The auxiliary plastic handle is removable. It can be adjusted to any position around the 360° front housing collar. The adjustable depth gauge rod to pre-set your drilling depth is also a nice touch, allowing more precision drilling. This hammer drill does not come with any case.

The SKIL 6445-04 has received many impressive feedback from its customers at The electric drill currently has a strong 4.8/5 star rating that proves how good the product is. The price is agreeable to the majority.

At 7 lb, it is not light in weight, something that you should take into account if you plan to use this tool mostly for normal non-hammer drilling applications. Furthermore, some reviewers have found that the depth gauge is not that useful. Despite its limitations, the majority of reviewers have been well-pleased with the quality and performance of this drill.

It accepts regular bits up to 1/2″ diameter. Any bit you normally use, will fit. The cord is relatively long (8 ft). The drill is around 13 inches in length. At 11″ (Height) x 3.5″ (Width), it is relatively small in size but has plenty of “juice” to do the job. Unlike many electric drills, people have found that it does do well in concrete. The side handle and the holder for the key that is built right into the cord are nice additional features to this drill.

Definitely, there are better drills out there but for 50 dollars, it is a great option for casual drill users that occasionally have heavy duty projects. From installing curtain tracks on a concrete ceiling to anchoring treated wood to a concrete floor, people have found that this 7.0 Amp hammer drill unit has plenty of power for general heavy duty household use.

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