Worx Switchdriver WX176L Review – Is It The Right Tool For You?


The WX176L Switchdriver is a dual head cordless drill driver that comes from one of the top providers. This tool is more suitable for around the home jobs rather than heavy use. Here is a brief rundown of the pros and cons of the product.

The quick head changer is the unique selling point of the tool. Not many drill drivers come with this feature. Switching between drilling a pilot hole and driving a screw can be accomplished easily. This also comes in handy for projects that require two different sized bits.

Unlike the least expensive drills that run at a single speed, this one has a two-speed gear control. Speed ranges are 0-400 rpm and 0-1500 rpm (no load). A variable speed trigger controls the speed of rotation, allowing this tool to cover a wide range of drilling and fastening applications.

According to the company, the maximum torque the drilling tool can produce is 265 in-lbs. Do not compare the drilling performance with those higher priced tools such as the Makita XFD10R (480 in-lbs) or RIDGID R86008K (535 in-lbs). However, for light home use or occasional work, the Worx drill-driver can be a nice tool to have.


The maximum recommended hole size is 1-3/16″ in wood. In metal, the maximum drilling capacity is 3/8″. To prevent users from over-driving screws, the clutch is controlled electronically. 11 clutch positions are provided for you to choose.

Another feature that you may find useful on this small drilling tool is the built-in automatic LED light to light up the work area. The LED Light also functions as a battery capacity indicator that will flash when power gets low.

The dual chucks are suited for bits with hex-shaped shanks 1/4″ in diameter. This is something to think about if you plan to use any of your existing standard drill bits. For this reason, consider to opt for the WX176L.1 model that comes with a set of 1/4″ drill bits.

When it comes to power source, the WORX WX176L is driven by a Lithium Ion 20 volts battery. The nominal voltage is 18 volts. The 20-volt max 1.5Ah lithium battery for this tool (WORX WA3520) is priced around $42, in case your tool does not come with any battery. The charger, WORX WA3732, costs around $35.

The majority of the reviewers on Amazon have rated the 2-in-1 tool at least 4/5 stars. Like any other drill driver, this one is not completely flawless. A number of complaints have been leveled at this product.

As mentioned before, it only accepts quarter-inch drill bits. Complaints have also been made about the charge time. With the WORX WA3732, it takes 3-5 hours to recharge the battery. Finally, there are some negative comments about the torque output. If you intend to use this tool for serious construction work, then consider investing in a more heavy duty model.

Despite having a few downsides, it seems to have satisfied many of those who purchased it. The two-headed drill comes with a compact and comfortable design. The locations for the forward/reverse rotation control and the low/high speed switch are no different than most other models. Changing bits is simple with toolless quick-change chucks. Swapping driver heads is easy and quick.

In terms of performance, the WORX WX176L may not be in the same league as a half-inch drill. That said, it should be powerful enough to do various things around the house. If you need to do repetitive drilling and screwing tasks, then the 2-in-1 tool is worth considering.

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